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Gravel Driveways


What is a gravel driveway?
A gravel driveway is composed of loose aggregate with borders of concrete, wood or another material to keep the driveway contained. The loose aggregate can vary in size and color of the individual stones.
What’s the best use?
Due to its inexpensive nature and ease of installation, gravel is ideal for longer drives and larger parking areas. This lends itself to rural areas.

It's also better suited to flatter areas, as the gravel can have a tendency to migrate on slopes. .

What’s the minimum and maximum grades?
Even through gravel is porous, it still needs at least a 1:100 grade to ensure the water drains off. If water pools on the surface, the chances of potholes and washouts occurring are greatly increased. The maximum grade is about 11:100 – any steeper and the gravel will wash away. .