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About Asphalt Millings?

Asphalt that has been recycled still has some tar in it. This means that, unlike other loose-fill driveway materials, recycled asphalt aggregate will bond together when wetted and compacted, allowing for a semi-permanent driveway that remains in place and minimizes dust and dirt.

What’s the best use?

 Sealcoating is an effective treatment for the protection and preservation of asphalt pavements on all types of pavements.

Recycled Asphalt Millings

We offer a service to build your new or renovate your old rural driveway to last you years of wear and tear.

We offer a driveway construction that is very low cost. Recycled asphalt requires far fewer raw resources than virgin asphalt. Considering the fact that asphalt contains a high volume of oil and that oil prices are volatile, this can make a huge difference.